App4Rental is a web application developed by BIZSOL Tech to streamline the process of rentals and to make it easier to keep track of various challenges that may come after renting out the apartments/flats/houses/beds/rooms/properties. This work is related to the management of the rental process and the application consists of a dashboard that provides a homepage that keeps all other features connected and displayed on the same page which makes all the features easily accessible. The web application is developed using Microsoft .Net technology and has all the functionalities of managing owner, manager, landlord and tenant accounts. This application allows the users to add all the information about their property like portfolio, special features and mention the included appliances. The users can also add receipts and images if required. The app provides the flexibility of invoicing and rent collection through drafts, overdue, partial, and advanced paid rent. General ledger, trial balance, income statement, balance sheet, transaction expenses, assets, liability and equity are some of the additional features that this app provides. This software as a service application is platform independent and can be used on all major smartphones, laptops, PCs and tablets.

Property Rent Management System