Bizsol Tech started its journey in the year 2011 as Smart Minds. We are a company run by creative professionals. We have been delivering successful solutions to businesses around the world in the areas of online marketing, website designing, development, and hosting. In 2021, We underwent a transformation adopting our new name and expanding our service offerings.

With a physical presence in Wyoming, the USA, and Islamabad, Pakistan. we recognize ourselves as a borderless company that has worked with businesses in over 40 industries from different countries around the world.

Our Approach

We use a multidimensional business growth approach to create an online presence. It clearly reflects the company’s goals and values. And offers a seamless online experience to the customers no matter which digital platform they use to interact with your brand.

Our team has experience in the development and designing of web applications mobile apps. By using Microsoft.NET, and Java, Objective C, Flutter, Xamarin. We also develop desktop applications. And carry out a wide range of software development services to meet unique business requirements for our clients.


BIZSOL Tech is made of people who innovatively approach existing business problems and offer futuristic solutions. We dedicate time and effort to understand business requirements, markets, and audiences. This is the reason why our solutions work like a charm.


We work with the mission of making online brand management more understandable for everyone. Since the online space is here to stay and will make up the bigger part of business relationships in years to come. Our mission is to help businesses navigate easily in the online markets and create a distinguishable brand presence.


Our vision is to become the preferred online digital solutions provider in global markets. Catering to at least 100 businesses by the end of every financial year.

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