The latest tech in mobile app development

We learn and implement the best technologies available in the area of mobile app development helping our clients with stable, feature-rich apps which help them achieve their business goals more quickly.

Google Flutter

As developers, we love Flutter because of its approach to ambient computing. This framework makes it possible for us to build apps based on the experiences we want to create irrespective of the platform it will be used on. As a business owner, the advantage of using Flutter is being able to use the same code for apps on all platforms saving you time and money on developing the app especially if you want to target users across all platforms.

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Much like Flutter, Xamarin is an open-source platform that can be used for building multi-platform applications. It is owned by Microsoft. Many developers use Xamarin because it saves time in building separate codes for apps to be launched on Android and iOS platforms and it also saves developers time because they do not have to learn multiple languages.

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Native iOS

We develop native apps for iOS platforms using a variety of frameworks and technologies. Our team has the experience and expertise needed to create beautiful and highly functional apps for iOS keeping Apple’s policies and app requirements in mind. This ensures that the app is approved and accepted into the Apple Store easily.

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Native Android

If you plan to develop an app for Android users only then we can help you with it. Our team of mobile app developers will discuss your business requirements before submitting the design, features, and functions that can be included in the app. We have developers who are well-versed in using different development frameworks and technologies necessary to build an app that meets your expectations and business requirements.

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PhoneGap is owned by Adobe Systems. It is a cross-platform mobile app development framework. It is used by developers and businesses who want to be able to use a single code for apps on different platforms. Our team can help you build mobile apps on PhoneGap and provide app management services for it as well.

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End-to-end mobile app services

Bizsol Tech has always strived to become a single point for all digital solutions that a business may require. Some of our services include:


Our mobile app development services are for businesses of all scales who want to ensure that they can stay connected with mobile users – employees, customers, and third parties. We begin by understanding the goal of the app we will be developing. Keeping this goal and the brand values in mind, we design and develop the app. We believe in open communication to ensure that our clients know everything about the progress of the app and changes can quickly be included whenever needed.

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Powerful Architecture and Compelling Designs

Our mobile apps are usually based on open source frameworks to accelerate the development process. We carefully choose stable and powerful frameworks which will be able to provide your app with the features and functions that you require. While these frameworks provide the app with a stable foundation, our designers work on creating the perfect interface for your app giving it the look and feel that will help your customers enjoy their experience on the app.

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Mobile App Migration

If you’ve had an app built for just the Android platform or the iOS platform and you are now considering migrating to the other platform then we can help you out. Our team can work on a code to launch your app on other platforms.

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Mobile App Maintenance

Once your app launches, it should be properly maintained to make sure that it works smoothly, carrying out all the tasks it is required to carry out. Our team of developers uses automated app monitoring systems to provide round-the-clock maintenance for the app. If there is any problem in the way an app works then these automated systems immediately trigger alarms helping us take prompt action in resolving the problem. We also carry out regular updates and ensure that the app works smoothly without bugs or glitches all the time.

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Mobile App Data Management

Mobile apps are a source of lots of data and when structured properly, this data can help improve the app functions and features. At the same time, the data creates lots of reports for the company to be able to make informed decisions that support business growth and success. Our data management services ensure that the data created from the app is secure and properly structured to be useful for your business.

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Mobile App Consultation

Our app consultation services have helped several clients make the right decisions in terms of choosing the features and functions to include and those to leave out when building an app. We also provide insights into the types of frameworks that can be used and the feasibility of developing an app for a single platform or multiple platforms.

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Our work

ManageQuick Mobile App

Business owners often find it difficult to provide their employees with a single platform where all work can be carried out collaboratively with different departments and third parties. Office tools are currently available through several different mobile apps. As a result, employees are required to download a suite of applications or all those different apps that the business requires its employees to use.

Bizsol Tech helped solve this problem of having too many apps by building a single app that could include all the office tools a business may need. ManageQuick began as a web application that compiled all office tools into a single application. Its modular design allowed businesses to easily include or exclude the tools they wanted to use for their business. We built the application on Cordova technologies. Using this app, you will be able to streamline and smoothly handle different business processes including marketing, finance, human resources, and operations. By logging in just once, you will have access to all the necessary tools.

ManageQuick Mobile App

Flexi Analysis

The company behind Flexi Analysis first started a web application. They wanted to provide their customers with information and data that can help them make more confident decisions regarding investment. This meant, we had to include information about all the companies on the stock market and provide the users with live information about the stocks. Users could choose the companies they wanted to follow and even look at trends to aid decision-making. While the web app gained a lot of traction, many users were looking for a mobile app for easier access to the information.

We went on to create the Flexi Analysis mobile app using technologies like Java, Json, and SQLite databases in addition to several Web APIs. The complete applications solved the problem of accessibility for mobile users who could now easily view information about the stocks they follow using their smartphones.

Flexi Analysis Mobile Application

ECB Services

Productivity and time management are big concerns for many organizations. With a hybrid working environment where part of the employees work from home and the rest work from the office, the complexities of handling shifts and assigning tasks have increased. Many companies are looking for reliable apps that can help them easily track an employee’s work, find out when they take breaks and how efficiently they work during their shift. This also means that employees become more responsible for the work they do and have higher accountability.

Bizsol Tech has developed ECB Services as an application that can be used by any organization to manage shifts more effectively and track employee productivity. Using the app, managers can assign new tasks to projects and check task progress to make sure the tasks are completed in time.

shift scheduler app

Pandora-Augmented Reality T-Mobile

Configuring routers is not always an easy thing. Customers have a tough time trying to figure out how to work with the interface and ensure that it works properly. They have to carefully follow all the instructions and conduct all tests required for the router to function.

Bizsol Tech designed and developed the Pandora app which is a mobile app that uses Augmented Reality technology to help users configure the router with relatively fewer challenges. The app shows the router in 3D view helping customers understand exactly how it works. It is designed to work as soon as the smartphone is pointed towards the router. The app analyses the lights blinking on the router and begins the simulation process showing detailed steps to be followed along with on-screen instructions. This app is used by thousands of users to configure their T-Mobile router.

Pandora AR Mobile App


A university needed help in enabling students to streamline their semester classes and help all students use a single platform to find out about scheduled lecture events and details of their enrolled classes. Since some students used Google calendar and others used iOS apps for scheduling events, the university required an app that can sync the events from Google calendar to the iOS application whenever required. In addition to this, the university wanted the students to receive notifications about upcoming classes and lectures.

We developed SyncroVive with these requirements in mind, and it now helps the university and all its students easily schedule and attend lectures and classes. All notifications include the date, time, subject, and location of the lecture updated in real time so that students don’t end up missing important classes.

create events


One of our clients wanted an app that can clearly and accurately provide users with information about trading financial instruments. The aim was to build a comprehensive database of all the popular financial instruments that are commonly traded in the markets and provide reliable information to the users to make trading decisions.

At this time, the application 170 financial assets which include 55 pairs on the world stock exchange market (FOREX), 11 global and local indices, 6 metals and commodities, 20 global stock, 70 GCC leading stocks, and 10 Cryptocurrencies. We have taken special care to design a clean interface that reduces confusion and helps users make decisions about trading and investments.

Vantage Point X

Forex Trading isn’t easy or simple. Traders have to have a deep understanding and absolute awareness of the different currencies, their values, and even social and political factors affecting the currency. One of the tools used by Forex traders is the statistics available for the different currency pairs.

We built Vantage Point X on Flutter using Dart language for the backend activities. This app is available as a monthly subscription for Forex traders looking for accurate statistical information that can help them trade profitably. The app is used by several traders today to understand the trading cycles and make the most of the investments they make in Forex trading.

Vantagepoint mobile app

Good tech is available easily, good value isn’t

If you were to start looking for some good tech then you will realize that there is no dearth of it. The world has come a far way in creating technologies that can greatly improve how an app functions and creates user experiences.

But good tech is only good when it is used in ways that can provide adequate value to the users. Sometimes even the best of technologies may suffer from poor execution and implementation. Our team of developers, designers, and strategists are highly experienced and experts in their fields of technical knowledge. This is how we ensure that our clients get the best value from the tech and the services they invest in.

Reach out to us today to ensure that the shine your business started with does not fade away by staying connected with your customers through the mobile phone to access your products and services and interact with your brand.

Web Development

At Bizsol Tech, we have been working towards the objective of transforming the way we live with technology and how we interact with it.


We have helped several clients successfully increase web traffic, enjoy higher revenue, and create an improved market reputation.


While you focus on the core aspects of your business and run it offline, we make sure it runs smoothly online.