Social Media Marketing Management

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram managment

Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin

Social media management services we offer are a part of a well-planned strategy and methodologies that our company offers to our customers. So their products and services are exposed to the target customers. Managing social media isn’t as easy as it looks. There are certain methodologies required which our company is adept in. From managing things in a timely fashion to understanding when to publish, how to publish. And how to respond when someone sends an inquiry. We have all the knowledge and the tools to manage your social media accounts, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

BizSol Tech will create and publish content that will enable the viewers to interact and respond to it. Weekly reviews, data analysis, and fresh content creation are performed regularly by our social media marketing management team. Your social media is in safe hands with us. You will see an apparent boost in your business sales and revenue once you let us take care of your social media marketing.

Search Engine Optimiation

Website SEO

With billions of searches happening each day across the world on Google alone. There are so many competitors competing for the top spot in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). It is hard for every business to secure a position on the first page. SEO-optimized websites are the ones that are preferred by search engines and their web crawlers. With the knowledge of an expert like us, we will help you refine the SEO of your website in a variety of ways to make it SEO-friendly.

An SEO-friendly website is one that enables a search engine to find and read the pages and content of your website. We ensure that search engines can crawl and understand the content of your website. This ensures the visibility of your website on all the leading search engine result pages, especially Google. There is a structured approach and careful planning that is required in representing the products and services that your business provides. It may be a complicated process for you because it is not easy for businesses to resourcefully implement all the strategies for an SEO website. With our expert knowledge of SEO, we will help you create a flawless website that will attract good organic traffic and increase your revenue too.

Website SEO Optimized Contents

Optimizing a website is not an easy task. There are many items or elements in a website that need to be optimized so the web crawlers can crawl all the pages properly. Keywords, headings, length of posts, location-specific phrases, links, photos, videos, etc. that need to be optimized. Utilizing our services will provide your business with immense benefits, including:

Enhanced user experience to all those who visit your website
Better rank in the SERPs
Increased organic traffic to your website
Share-worthy content that will facilitate your brand’s popularity

Google’s algorithm has hundreds of ranking factors that determine your position on the SERPs. We have an experienced team who have worked with several customers and helped them optimize the contents of their website.

social media ads campaign - bizsol technologies llc

Social Media Ads Campaign and Designing – Facebook, google, youtube, bing, Linkedin

Social media advertising is an integral part of the marketing strategies for every business. As algorithms transform, businesses can plan strategies to connect with their target customers at the right time, by advertising through social media platforms such as Google, Facebook, Bing, and YouTube. Every social advertising platform is unique and connects to people in a different way. Each one has its own set of advantages, which gives businesses an opportunity to benefit by engaging with their potential customers in different ways.

We build brand awareness, drive engagement with ad campaigns, connect with potential clients, promote products and sales. BizSol Tech design text and video-based ads, drive traffic to your eCommerce site, and create loyal customers through repeat sales. Our social media ads designing and campaigns are result-oriented and will help in achieving your sales and advertising goals.

Sales strategy - bizsol technologies llc

Sales Strategy to generate leads and sales

Having a steady stream of sales leads is one of the foundational essentials for any business that needs to survive in a competitive market. As your sales strategy partners, we will help you generate leads and sales. Some of the services that we will provide you while being associated with your business include:

Refine the existing sales process to accelerate sales of the business
Create a systematic and planned process to close sales
Develop distinct sales activity metrics for every sales team/individua
Set apparent sales management plan to support the sales team of your business
Roll out hiring process that will help in employing the top players for the sales team
Improve the planning and reporting pipeline for the sales team of your business
Execute sales management systems to set a strong substructure for a larger sales team
Consultancy services

Live Business Consultancy

A business consultant plays a significant role in the growth and development of a company. As business consultants, our key roles include assisting you, managing your team. Leading your team with our skills and knowledge in a way that your business performance is boosted. Our strategic management proficiency is at the core of everything we execute. We help you make critical decisions independently that are essential for the success of your business. BizSol Tech also has experts in our team who excel in the knowledge of machine intelligence and human learning. We will assist you in clarifying your vision, evaluate your readiness, and construe your competencies for the new epoch of digitally-driven business.

BizSol Tech pilots you through a profound change management process. It is important in bringing about substantial refinement in your business performance. With our support and guidance, you can deliver and encapsulate more value through integrated marketing strategies, channel management, sales, ground-breaking digital marketing efforts, and new customer visions. We use a combination of digital and data analytics along with customer insight and the art of creativity. It will help you to build great customer experiences. From measurability in marketing to define a mix of digital mediums, our guidance will keep you focused on the customer needs.

google shopping ads - bizsol technologies

Google Shopping

Show your ads to hundreds of millions of potential customers on Google surfaces each day. People search for what they want. Smart Shopping campaigns will put your products in front of shoppers looking for what you sell on Google. The best part is that you won’t pay unless you get results.

Whether your customers are looking for what you sell online or in the real world, you can reach them in both places. Add the store visits goal in your Smart Shopping campaigns to optimize for both online conversions and in-store purchases.

With Smart Shopping campaigns, products are eligible to show up across all of Google’s properties/ It will reach users wherever, and whenever, they’re searching or consuming content. In Google’s Shopping campaigns, customers find your products, online and in-store.

Connect with shoppers before they even start searching for what you offer. When they’re browsing their favorite blogs, using mobile devices and apps, or browsing millions of partnering websites, videos, and apps across the Internet.

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