Unchallenged Web App Development Expertise

At Bizsol Tech, we have been working towards the objective of transforming the way we live with technology and how we interact with it. Many of the web applications we develop are a step towards this transformation. As people become more familiar with the Internet of Things and lives become more comfortable with improved accessibility to technologies, we make it possible for businesses to harness the advantages of web apps to nurture growth and success.

Our team has expertise in developing a range of applications using Microsoft.Net, PHP, and a range of other tech like JavaScript, JQuery, Angular JS, Kendo UI, Node JS, Koa, Express, Rethinkdb, React JS, Firebase, Forestore, Google Maps API, Socket io and MT4. With proven experience in these technologies, we can help companies build relevant and useful applications aligned with their business goals.

Simplifying Applications and Optimizing IT Resources

As businesses learn to quickly adapt to changing technologies to stay competitive in their industries, the biggest problem they face is the increasing complexity of their IT architecture which ends up being a combination of legacy systems and cloud applications. For many companies, this is one of the growth inhibitors that they are unable to easily overcome. Getting caught between traditional systems and modern technologies is one of those pain points for running a business that many organizations have to work with. No matter how much a business would like to modernize its systems, absolute transformations can be expensive and a tedious process that may involve employee upskilling to use the new systems.

Bizsol Tech helps companies simplify these problems to optimize the use of IT resources and support the smooth functioning of the business. This simplification of the IT architecture makes it easier for companies to adopt new technologies and achieve tech superiority in their industry. At the same time, optimizing IT resources ensures that the company can enjoy higher efficiency from the assets they have already invested in.

Powerful, Future Proof Applications

We take the time to understand the longevity of different technologies available to solve a problem. While some of these technologies may already be inching towards an end-of-life period, others may be too new to ensure the stability of the platforms we build. Making the right choice of technology that can last for at least the next 10 years helps our clients enjoy a steady ROI.

With deep industry knowledge, our team analyzes the existing web application requirements of our customers and suggests the most effective solutions to bridge existing gaps and accelerate our clients’ goal achievement journey.

Latest tech

We use best-in-class technologies and platforms to drive growth and innovation for our clients helping them disrupt existing markets and challenge their competitors.


Our team is trained and experienced in using Microsoft.Net for developing web applications. We combine our expertise in MVC, Asp.Net, C#, SignalR, Entity Framework, SQL Server, LINQ, Web API, Telerik, and Net Core to provide our clients with solutions that keep them unchallenged in their industry.


We work with both WordPress and Joomla to create feature-rich web apps that keep you ahead even in uncertain times. Our team aims to help businesses unlock their full potential through our game-changing solutions.

Other Techs

In addition to Microsoft and PHP, we have expertise in a wide range of other technologies including JavaScript, JQuery, Angular JS, Kendo UI, Node JS, Koa, Express, Rethinkhub, MongoDB, React JS, Firebase, Firestore, Google Maps API, Socket IO, and MT4.

End-to-end application services

Bizsol Tech is your one-stop-shop for all web app-related requirements. We handle the development of new applications, modernization of existing apps, as well as management and maintenance of apps. When you partner with us for web app development services, you will be able to enjoy our services through all stages of an application’s lifecycle.

Agile Development

Plan and develop applications faster and more effectively using our web app development services. We have the experience needed to quickly deliver high-performing solutions to match our clients’ requirements. Work with lean in-house IT teams while you source all your business’ web app requirements from Bizsol Tech.

App architecture and design

We work with you to create a sound app architecture that supports the features and functions required for your business. Our design team also works on the app design to ensure that the outcomes are beginner-friendly, easy to operate, and provide a smooth user experience.

Application Modernization

Legacy applications that prove to take up more resources and yield smaller outcomes can be made more efficient by modernizing them. Our team helps you modernize existing apps to add new functions, features and make them relevant for your target audiences.

Application maintenance

Building an app is only half the work done. Maintaining it is equally important to ensure that your users do not end up with poor experience over a while because of bugs, no upgrades, or obsolescence of the technologies used in the app.

App data management

We help you manage the data in the applications for analysis and improve the business decision-making process. Businesses that have adopted data-led business models will be able to benefit from the data that flows in through the web apps. It further provides crucial information for business success.

Web app consultation

If you are trying to overcome a problem or a challenge faced by your business but you are not sure of the solution then discuss it first with our team. We provide consultation services to better understand your requirements and guide businesses in choosing the best solution available.

Our Work

Be future-ready by investing in the right tech today

Bizsol Tech helps businesses invest in sustainable growth by using technologies that tend to have a longer life and are stable enough to ensure scalability and flexibility for the business. We strongly believe that every solution must be tailored to meet unique business requirements. This is the reason why our team works hard on identifying the best solutions for a business instead of taking a cookie-cutter approach to solving known business problems.

Connect with us to solve the problems of today and to make your business ready to face the challenges of tomorrow.

Mobile App Development

The world has come a far way in creating technologies that can greatly improve how an app functions and creates user experiences.


We have helped several clients successfully increase web traffic, enjoy higher revenue, and create an improved market reputation.


To help every business, adopt information technology and get ahead in their domain by providing services that business can easily buy.