we provide complete end-to- end solution

Running A business is all about solving problems

  • Build a powerful website architecture

  • Implement DevOps
  • Make your website mobile friendly
  • Use SEO for your web content
  • Use SEO for product content
  • Utilize SEO in images
  • Use customized plugins
  • Optimize the checkout process
  • Implement Cloud DAP
  • Customize the website to reduce bounce rate
  • Customize UI/UX
  • Conduct timely maintenance

we provide complete end-to- end solution

Your online presence is useful only if your business does not suffer drawbacks

Put all your focus on managing your business while the experts handle your brand’s digital presence.

Just like you are an expert in the business you run, there are experts to help you manage your brand’s online presence. What may take hours for you to understand and implement is something that professionals would already know and would have implemented for several other clients. As a result, you enjoy higher revenue without any extra skill or effort.

Website architecture, load balancing and scalability

Website architecture load balancing is a process that distributes the network traffic among multiple servers. This process ensures that no single server will bear too much load and demand. It helps to spread the work evenly, and load balancing improves the responsiveness of a website. In addition to load balancing, website scaling is important to ensure the proper performance of the website when the website experiences heavy traffic.

  • Investing in a robust website architecture is crucial for solving lots of problems like slow loading speed and managing traffic spikes
  • Proper load balancing brings stability to your website
  • It also ensures that your website is ready to scale up when your business grows
website-architecture - bizsol technologies llc

DevOps to decrease downtime during upgrades and fixes

DevOps bridges the gap between development of the product and the requirements of operations. By hiring a DevOps team or a DevOps professional, you can effectively solve the problems faced by your operations and development team.

  • With the help of DevOps, you can make the changes faster and quickly reach the production environment.
  • Your development team is more aware of the problems faced by the operations team and the solutions are aligned towards achieving the business goal together.
  • Reduce development time from several months to weeks or even days.
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Custom themes which are mobile friendly

More than 70% of users access websites on their smartphones, tablets, or other compact devices. This is why responsive designs are crucial. Customized themes help you build a website easily and make sure it is responsive on different screen sizes.

  • Custom themes are also easier to update when compared with other websites.
  • With the help of custom themes, you can reduce the amount of time taken to develop the website.
  • Mobile-friendliness also solves the problem of slow loading speeds of your website since the website may use plugins or extensions to improve loading speed for mobile websites.
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SEO optimized website content

Your website literature is not just intended to provide value to your visitors and web page readers. It also helps in making your website more searchable when the written content on your website includes target keywords for reaching your audiences.

  • You can carry out keyword research using Google Adwords to understand which keywords are used more often by internet users looking for products or services sold by your brand.
  • Learn all about short tail and long tail keywords to ensure that the website has the right combination of keywords.
  • Your content should have a smooth flow in terms of readability and include the right set of keywords to improve Google ranking and searchability.
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SEO optimized product content

Just like the website literature, all product-related content must be optimized for search engines to make sure products become easily searchable too. The next time a user enters keywords related to your products, optimization can help your product show up in the result increasing web traffic and even helping you with higher sales.

  • Make your products more searchable on Google using search engine optimized content
  • Increase sales and web traffic with the help of optimized product content
  • Use paid advertising to target new users and reach out into new markets
SEO Optimizaed products - bizsol technologies llc

SEO optimized images

Images that are used on your website can also help in improving your SEO efforts for the website. Optimized images will make it easier for users conducting image search to find your website. As a result, it contributes towards higher web traffic and improved sales.

  • Make sure that the images are of the right size and quality so they can easily load on different screen sizes.
  • Update the content related to images like the title, the description, captions, and alt description
  • Optimize the image file name to include a keyword
Image optimization - bizsol technologies llc

Custom plugin development

Plugins add special features to your website, making them more user-friendly. They can increase the chances of conversions and improve customer loyalty. It can solve problems like high bounce rate and low sales.

  • Use plugins to keep customers on your website by providing special offers or discounts if they move away from the web page.
  • With the help of plugins and extensions, you can make the website more interactive, helping customers enjoy their experience on the website
  • Improve sales by using plugins to attract customers by showing limited time offers through pop-up windows.
Custom Plugin Develpment

Optimized checkout process

If you have high web traffic, but the percentage of conversion is very small, then consider analyzing the checkout process to reduce abandoned carts and increase sales. By optimizing the checkout process, you can solve the problem of your customers leaving the website without placing the order.

  • Small and simple changes like showing detailed information about the products being purchased and the pricing will make a difference.
  • Discounts should be clearly shown so that customers know how much they save by making the purchase before the offer or sale or promotion ends.
  • Provide stock information to encourage timely purchase of products that are running low on stocks.
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Cloud distributed application deployment

To minimize security threats, website owners are beginning to adopt a cloud-distributed application system. It means that the application runs through a distributed network and not on a single server.

  • The decentralized nature of cloud distributed applications makes it more resilient to security attacks.
  • Since processing power is distributed, your users will experience low latency, helping you solve the problem of loading speed.
  • With the help of cloud distributed application deployment, your application can work with lower latency.
Cloud distributed application - bizsol technologies llc

Website customization to reduce loading time and bounce rate

Customization options are available for websites to improve their loading speed and reduce bounce rate. Using the help of design and development agencies to solve this problem is more effective. This is because web development agencies will be able to use their experience to create a smooth-running website in less time.

  • Website owners who plan to do the work on their own will find website builders to be useful for this purpose.
  • When you customize the website, remember to keep image size and quality in mind because images and videos are a big speed deterrent.
  • To reduce bounce rates, you must work on the landing page by improving the design to make it more attractive and relevant for your target audience.
Website Customization - bizsol technologies llc

UI/UX customization

Customizing the user interface and user experience is important for brands to attract more users to the website, drive sales or conversions and improve customer loyalty. Designers put in a lot of research for customizing the interface for any website.

  • You can use a website builder which allows you to customize the website pages to create a compelling user interface.
  • Go through the user interfaces of your competitors and even check the UIs of companies from other industries to use the best design for your website or web app.
  • Keep the brand colors in mind and use interactive elements for a better user experience.
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Maintenance and support to run business smoothly

Invest in a maintenance and support agency that can manage your website and online presence so that you can run your business smoothly. You can also hire a developer or a digital marketing specialist to maintain a strong online presence.

  • Maintaining the website will include regular updates and upgrades of the store version and code version, as well as the plugins and extensions
  • It will also solve the problem of excessive downtime because the support team acts quickly to resolve problems and keep the website up and running
  • You won’t have to stay up at night trying to carry out maintenance work on your website.
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Put all your focus on managing your business while the experts handle your brand’s digital presence.


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