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Spread your words and reach to a more targeted audience and grow your business exponentially using Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter etc.

About this service

If you are looking for a digital marketing manager or social media manager you have come to the place. Social media marketing is a modern growing need for every business. The purpose of this service is to help in your regular digital marketing tasks including writing contents, weekly reviews, data analysis, and post scheduling. Our team of experts will create and publish content that will enable the viewers to interact, engage and respond to it. The services we offer are a part of a well-planned strategy and methodologies that our company offers to our customers. You can rely on our expert professionals on below services:

  • Social Media Management (SMM) 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
  • Website Maintenance 
  • Social Media Designing 
  • Content Writing 
  • Optimizing your social media accounts 
  • Creating high-quality images branded with your logo or website URL 
  • Trending hashtag research 
  • Increasing engagement 
  • Increasing brand awareness 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Advertising 

Note: Pricing will be shared after getting the requirements.


$ 79
  • 1 Platforms
  • Page/Account Setup
  • Page/Channel Evaluation
  • Content Creation
  • 1 Post/daily
  • Schedule Posts
  • 15 Days
  • Reports


$ 119
  • Basic Package
  • 2 Platforms
  • Action Plan
  • Profile Completion
  • 2 Posts/daily
  • Engagement with Followers
  • Hashtags & Captions
  • Competitors Research


$ 269
  • Basic + Standard Packages
  • 5 Platforms
  • Optimized Contents
  • 30 Days
  • Advertisements
  • Management + Grow
  • Social Media Designing
  • Email Marketing


Which digital marketing services creates the most impact online?

The top 4 services which directly creates an impact on your marketing are: Social Media Marketing SEO Advertising Email Marketing  Content Writing Designing

Do you also create Social Media Accounts?

Of course, we do! we will create and fully optimize your Social Media Accounts by completing every section with the best keywords related to your business, will create a profile and cover photos and make sure that everything is totally professional.

Which Social Media Platforms should my business be present in?

Bear in mind that some channels are focused on B2B, while others take a B2C approach. The decision depends on the product or service that you’re providing. For some businesses, it is perfect to be present only on Facebook and Instagram, while for others also on LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest.

Do you work on a long-term collaboration?

We love to work long-term. 3, 6 months or more, and every 30 days We’ll send you a new custom gig offer here on Fiverr.

Do you outsource your work?

All of my clients receive expert service from our in-house team. None of our work is outsourced.

Any questions? Ask us at

17 reviews for Digital Marketing

  1. Corey Yates

    Been using BIZSOL for 3 months now. Awesome team of people who went above and beyond for my company that’s doing $20k/month and growing! They get things done with very sufficient work.

  2. Bisrat Saare

    Bizsol is awesome!!! All you have to do is tell them your vision and they’ll bring it to life! They are extremely responsive! Will definitely be continuing services with them!

  3. Sherrifah Asfour

    This was my second one-month service with bizsol technologies and it was a joy to work with. They have completely revamped my troublesome website and positioned me to start an aggressive social media campaign. Just as in my first go round, they patiently answered my questions and gave me full status reports along the way. I strongly recommend them.

  4. Afwerki Asfaha

    This has really been a great process for me. They made everything so simple, I pretty much gave them access to everything and watch them work. If you are new to marketing i would highly suggest you work with these guys. Im looking forward to working with them in the future. Highly recommend!!!

  5. Ayat Handal

    Great communication and went the extra mile.

  6. Andrew Bartlett

    Great service delivered by BIZSOL Technologies and we love every post made by them! Highly recommended!

  7. Ben Chambers

    The team went above and beyond to better my webpage and social media experience completely. If you’re looking for satisfactory work its definitely here!

  8. Sebastian Wells

    Excellent service and quality. We had a comprehensive list of deliverables and everyone was done as expected. The quality was excellent and so was the communication.

  9. Sarah Collin

    Very responsive…attention to detail and fast turnaround. I would recommend it to anyone

  10. James Faith

    We started a longer-term digital marketing project with bizsol tech and I am positively surprised by the structured approach and the depth of thought. We will continue to get the project to the next phase.

  11. Naveed Amjad

    Extremely happy with their work. Very easy to communicate and if I needed something changed they were very quick in fixing it and their work is very impressive. I will be working with them again as their work was really amazing.

  12. Mike Angel

    I will continue to work with BizSol concerning our digital marketing. Good communication, good ideas, solid work!

  13. Lewis Lee

    Good communication and look forward to coming months work

  14. Albert Cook

    A pleasure to work alongside with, going above and beyond to deliver exactly what we needed. Would recommend a lot!

  15. Storey

    One of the most down to earth and sincere peoples I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

  16. Oscar Hurst

    They are very professionals and met my expectations.

  17. Sienna Fitzgerald

    Thanks again for the fast delivery . Recommended for quality work in no time.

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