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Supported versions: 3.90, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40

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While placing an order the order confirmation page is generally the thankyou page. The thankyou page is just a simple webpage which is not dynamic enough to be of any benefit to the seller. So the Smart OTO page is designed to show products to the customers who already trusted the site and bought the products. The new OTO page is added and is shown instead of the thankyou page which increases the chances of customers buying your special offer item by 50%. The customers get to see a special offer page instead of just leaving the store after ordering something. This is a way to keep the customers in the online store instead of letting them just leave after their successful purchase. On the plugin, the admin also has the option to set up an OTO product along with its discount. There are no monthly or annual charges.


The main purpose of this plugin is to keep customers within the store instead of them leaving early after a purchase. The idea is to provide the customers with an amazing OTO page that tempts them to check out the special offer instead of leaving the online store after a simple and not so effective thankyou page. The best part of the plugin is its customizable behaviour. The admin can set the OTO product and its corresponding discount and after they have just bought a product. This discount / OTO page will only come up after a successful purchase and will not be displayed in any other case or any other link of the website. This increases the sales of products and even the sales after purchases by 50%. The Smart OTO is based and implemented on the sale concept.


  • Enable / disable plugin instead of uninstall No need to uninstall the plugin if you are facing any difficulties. All you need to do is disable the plugin while we fix the issues and get back to the good work.
  • Start / End date of OTO You can easily set dates for you oto links be active for and disable the links when they pass the expiration dates.
  • Enable / Disable Start/End date If you change your mind to increase the time of your offer period or in case you just want to dismiss the offer before the actual expiry of the offer. You can simply do that by enabling or disabling the start or end date in the plugin settings.
  • Product discount in percentage You can use the product discount in terms of the percentage of the product cost. This tells the visiting customers how much discount in percentage they are getting.


  • Increase sales without investment The plugin will let you directly increase your sales without any investment. The plugin offers a simple yet intriguing concept that allows you to attract the clients to by your special offers and close more sales.
  • Increase sales without marketing The plugin is a marketing tool in itself and removes the need of any marketing investment. You can show the Smart OTO of your websites sales and after sales pages to utilize a more effective sales model.
  • Increase sales of dead items Not all of the major items on your website are sold in the limelight. There are many items that may not be sold like the other items because they are not so popular and so are considered to be dead items. This plugin can help you straight away show these items on the popular offer section and improve the chances of their sales.
  • Boost specific items sales If you have a specific item that you are currently dealing in or are trying to increase its sales then the Smart OTO is the best plugin that you can use. The plugin will let you show your specific page to all the customers that make a valid purchase and thus increases its reach.
  • Increase sales without extra skills The plugin is specifically designed to use a simple concept in the simplest way possible. The admin can easily make changes to the items and OTO products to change dates and all other important details. You do not need to be technically advanced to use the plugin. A few click and you can change anything easily within the plugin itself.


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