Every Business is different, so is yours.

You need frequent adjustments and changes so that you can meet your customers' attention

  • Website customization
  • UI/UX according to business type B2B / B2C
  • Website SEO Optimized Contents
  • Image optimization according to size and quality
  • Increase Traffic
  • Increase Sales
  • Website Ranking
  • SEO optimized product contents
  • Availability
  • Scalability
  • Decrease Bounce rate
  • Decrease load time
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Code version / Store Version
  • Traffic Spikes and much higher load
  • 24/7 Support & Maintenance
  • Technical Solution
  • Data Security
  • Product Research
  • Migration to cloud

Maintaining a strong online presence isn’t easy

Business owners tackle several challenges every day in the process of running a business and working on their brand’s digital presence.

Have you been staying up late in the night working on your website’s design? Do you find yourself spending more time managing your social media accounts than reviewing your business processes? Are you spending too much on online advertising, but the returns have been less than satisfying? Have search algorithms become a nightmare for your website ranking?

Website Customization

Guilty of getting carried away exploring different customization options only to realize that you are still far from achieving the right look and feel for your website to resonate with your brand’s personality? There is a lot of hard work that goes into customizing a website to ensure a user-friendly experience.

  • Trying to wrap your head around new web design trends
  • Working with different color schemes
  • Identifying the right plugins for your website
Website Customization - bizsol technologies llc

UI/UX According to Business Type B2C or B2B

Making sure that your website makes users feel comfortable with navigation and encourages them to take action depends heavily on your website’s interface. Choosing the website design based on the nature of the business, the industry, and the target audience is crucial for business owners to enjoy higher web traffic.

  • Poor interface leads to bad customer experience
  • Web traffic often suffers negatively when the interface is not user-friendly
  • Your brand’s online reputation declines
Isometric illustrations design concept mobile technology solution on top with UX/UI wireframe prototype. Gradient background and digital graph chart thin line. Vector illustrate.

Website SEO Optimized Contents

Without SEO, even a beautifully designed website can go unseen. All your hard work in design and development pays off only with good SEO. To work on your website’s SEO yourself means to:

  • Put in extra hours to understand search engine algorithms
  • Stay informed on updates to ensure your website’s SEO strategy is not obsolete
  • Avoid being marked down by search engine’s because of unknowingly using incorrect techniques
website seo content - bizsol technologies llc

Image Optimization According to Size and Quality

For websites to work smoothly on different screens, images must be optimized properly. High-quality images are important, but they are of no use if they do not open on the webpage fast enough or before the user exits the page. Since visuals are crucial to make a website look attractive, business owners end up spending more time than usual on optimizing images.

  • Every time you decide to change the images, you must optimize them first
  • You have to set aside time to size the images so that they fit perfectly on the screen
  • Depend on additional software programs to properly crop and optimize the image
Image optimization - bizsol technologies llc

Increase Traffic

Every business owner wants to have lots of users visiting their website. In fact, the advantage of bringing your business online is to attract a larger audience. But increasing traffic to the website is not child’s play.

  • Website owners have to work hard to build a strategy to attract customers
  • Both paid and organic techniques have to be studied for long-term success
  • You may even consider going through an online course to learn how to increase web traffic
Increase traffic - bizsol technologies llc

Increase Sales

Once you have built traffic to your website, you also have to work on increasing sales. We heard many of our clients complain of how their website gets lots of traffic, but it is still not being converted into sales.

  • You end up staying up at night collecting and analyzing website data to understand consumer behavior
  • A lot of time has to be spent in identifying plugins and extensions available for encouraging customers to take action
  • Instead of taking time to work on product improvements, time is spent trying to update the plugins and identify new design options to increase sales.
increase sales - bizsol technologies llc

Website Ranking

Only a small fraction of your audience will move to the second page of search engines to find your website. So, ranking high on search engines is important if you want to get more people to see and visit your website. The problem with ranking is that Google keeps changing the rules and the algorithms that decide a website’s rank.

  • For you, this can mean staying updated on the news related to search engine algorithms
  • Learning how the new changes will affect your existing website
  • Regularly identifying the gaps in your website to improve the ranking
website ranking - bizsol technologies llc

SEO Optimized Product Contents

Search engine optimization involves a lot of work, and one of the aspects of SEO is optimizing the product content. If you want to drive sales and web traffic for your website, then this means you must work on optimizing every product content.

  • In addition to taking up a lot of time, this also requires knowledge of keywords to attract the right audience.
  • Updating each of this information one by one for the products is a tedious job and can keep you tied up for hours.
  • You have to shift your focus to updating these details when your time could be spent in a better way trying to optimize business processes and in business development.
SEO Optimizaed products - bizsol technologies llc


Imagine the pain of losing customers because your website was down or a link was broken. For websites of all scales and sizes, even a small period of unavailability can be a big cost for the business. For business owners, learning about the problems, identifying the issue, and quickly fixing it to make the website available again is very difficult.

  • It isn’t always easy to find out the source of the problem. The longer it takes to understand what is causing the problem, the longer it takes for the website to come back online.
  • If your web host is the problem, then migration can be very challenging and may affect user experience.
  • If your website suffers from downtime regularly, then you may lose your customer’s trust.
Availibility - bizsol technologies llc.jpg

Decrease Bounce Rate

Some of your customers would leave your website in a very short time without navigating to other pages. This is known as bounce rate. If your website has a high bounce rate, then you must find out what is causing this problem.

  • This means you will be spending more time than usual on your website’s CMS analyzing design details
  • You must take time out for reviewing reports related to the website to find out what is lacking on the landing page
  • You may have to restructure the elements on your webpage or create more engaging content for your users.
Bounce Rate - bizsol technologies llc.jpg

Decrease Load Time

The time it takes for your webpages to load will be one of the deciding factors for how many customers would visit the rest of the website or not. Slow loading pages create a poor user experience impacting your brand value. Decreasing loading time for your website can be a problem because:

  • It requires you to be more vigilant about your website content and the plugins and extensions used on it.
  • More time is spent on monitoring the website for bugs and problems instead of focusing on the operational aspect of the business.
  • Regular updates must be installed for all applications, plugins, and extensions used on the website to ensure it does not slow down the website.
loading time - bizsol technologies llc

Mobile Friendly

Website building programs and pre-built web pages will usually tell you that they are designed for mobile responsiveness. But the problem is that when you start working on the design, some elements may still not be properly aligned for different screen sizes. As a result, you have to spend more time trying to make your website mobile-friendly.

  • This requires you to learn about plugins and extensions which can help you increase page loading speed
  • You may have to work on the design of your website for mobile phones to ensure mobile users can easily navigate through the different web pages.
  • The images have to be resized and optimized for viewing on mobile phones.
mobile friendly - bizsol technologies llc

Code Version / Store Version

A website’s code would eventually become obsolete as new technologies reach the markets. Your code version and store version may make a difference in user experience and affect your brand’s reputation.

  • Updating or upgrading the code or store version is often seen as a big challenge for website owners who are working with limited knowledge about programming and development.
  • Teaching yourself to carry out updates is not enough. Sometimes the updates may go wrong, and you have to return to the older version.
  • Business owners also have to worry about user experience since updates will directly affect their website visitors.
Code version - bizsol technologies llc

Traffic Spikes and Much Higher Load

Festive seasons or sale days on the website can lead to higher traffic than usual to your website. Sometimes even an aggressive marketing strategy can increase web traffic. If you are not prepared to handle the traffic spike, your website goes down and all the customers visiting your website have a bad experience.

  • Handling higher load requires technical knowledge. Choosing a good web hosting plan is only part of the work done.
  • You may have to understand and utilize Content Delivery Network to handle higher loads.
  • You will also have to spend more time securing your website since high traffic can mean a higher chance of a security breach.
Traffic spikes - bizsol technologies llc

24/7 Support and Maintenance

If you started your website with a free hosting plan, then you will not have access to support all the time. You will also be maintaining your website on your own. As a business owner who has lots of other aspects of business to focus on, support and maintenance of the website can be a big challenge.

  • Without proper maintenance, your website may not be able to offer the customer experience that your brand promises to your audiences.
  • Spending too much time maintaining the website may lead to a slowdown in operations.
  • Both your business and your brand’s online presence may end up suffering because of lack of time.
24-7 support - bizsol technologies llc

Technical Solutions

Website coding, plugins, and extensions involve a lot of technical work that a website owner may not fully understand. If any one of these malfunctions, you will first have to learn about the technicalities behind it before you start solving the problem. But do you have the time to sit and learn about the technical aspects of your website?

  • Without help, business owners often end up juggling between business operations and their digital presence.
  • If you neglect problems on your website, then you will be losing out on the digital front.
  • Your customers may eventually move away from your competition because of a poor experience.
Technical Solution - bizsol technologies llc

Data Security

Breach Level Index claimed that there is an average of 75 records stolen every second because of poor data security on web applications and websites. In order to provide your customers with a safe and secure website to visit, you always have to be on your toes to monitor your website’s security.

  • If any website security breach is noticed, website owners may not be aware of what is at stake or how to stop it before too much damage is already done.
  • Data security is so complex that staying in step with the latest technologies is a full-time job, and this is why website owners are so vulnerable because they are unable to give all their time to keep the website secure.
  • Hackers keep changing their methods and techniques, making it difficult for average website users to know how to stop the attack.
data security - bizsol technologies llc

Product Research

Business successfulness depends heavily on the product that you are selling. All your efforts in maintaining a grand online presence culminate in the product. If your client does not like the product, then the rest of the work boils down to nothing.

  • When you are online, your product research efforts have to be expanded to the global level or to target a larger audience which means the research has to be on a larger scale.
  • Conventional offline methods of product research are not enough for your online customers.
  • You may have to collect and analyse data from different sources to understand your product’s performance and compare it with the performance of the same product sold by your competitors.
Product research - bizsol technologies llc

Migration to Cloud

With the online space being more accessible, migrating your applications to the cloud can be helpful for the business. It will make your website more accessible for backend users, and changes can be easily made to it even by people who are not physically present in the office.

  • Despite its advantages, cloud migration is difficult because it requires a modification in the existing IT architecture.
  • Business owners working independently on migration to cloud may face problems during the migration or after it if the apps do not work properly.
  • Migration to cloud also requires website owners to learn about handling, managing, and maintaining the applications on cloud, which takes up a lot of time.
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You need frequent adjustments and changes so that you can meet your customers’ attention

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