ManageQuick is a web application that is an integrated office tools suite for various administrative and organizational tasks. The main idea of ManageQuick is to bring together all the different office tools under one umbrella so that the users don’t have to log in on different suites again and again and can start their tasks and take care of everything with just one login on the ManageQuick account. The main features that the team of our web developers implemented on the ManageQuick website is To Do agenda lists, prospects lists, marketing campaigns through cold calls, emails voicemails, surveys, and newsletters. All these features help the organization to manage clients’ interactions and efficiently provide their services to the interested users. The web application also helps you to access the financials by using the full accounting and bookkeeping modules and even pay the employees and contractors by tracking their tasks, projects and accomplishments. ManageQuick is an all-in-one application for all your marketing, sales, operations, finance and human resource needs.

office tools suite