Klick Tracker is a desktop and web application developed by BIZSOL Tech for tracking the working hours and work of employees. It is a custom build work, time and activity tracking application designed for both individuals and organizations. BIZSOL Tech has developed fully functional windows and web applications with features like time tracking, webcam monitoring and screen capturing. This product is owned by BIZSOL Tech and it has been proven to be one of the best and most effective ways to improve productivity. It ensures that everyone is working as they are supposed to so that productivity could be improved. With both free and fairly priced subscriptions, this application allows you to save both your time and money. With this tracking app, every employee will be 100% dedicated to their job as this application will help you make sure that everyone is actually working and productive. This application will improve teamwork and work efficiency as all the employees will be motivated to complete their respective tasks and work towards a common goal which will not only improve the quality of work but will also help your organization to save money that you might have lost due to work delays and interruptions by unnecessary timeouts.

Time Tracking Application