Config application, developed by BIZSOL Tech is one of the first applications to show real-time order fulfillment status. For organizations that have various orders every day, this application helps them to keep track of the successful completion of all the pending orders in real-time. It is based on tracking assets and is useful in cases when it is required to import or export the asset information in and out of a system respectively.
The application can be used to track sales orders and installation orders for IT firms. For example, if there is an order from a firm to install any specific software on various devices at the same time then using the Config Application, BIZSOL Tech has made it possible to manage the systems, track the real-time record of which systems are ready and which are pending for the installation along with the information of the ones that are currently processing the installation. This application can tell which systems are ready to use so that they can be used at the same time while the others are under installation.
This type of tracking eliminates the chances of duplication because whenever a system is being used, no other user can enter the details of the same system or modify its real-time data.

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