Flexi Analysis application is an android app which is developed by BIZSOL Tech to replicate its website features and implement all the aspects of the website into an android app. The app is aimed at making investing simpler and easier to follow through both online and offline analyzing. Our team of excellent application developers has incorporated Java, JSON, and SQLite databases along with many Web APIs in order to develop an application that is one of the few which can save records locally for offline use with SQLite and has features like a candlestick, indicator, and signal analysis. BIZSOL Tech has focussed on the optimization of the application and has designed an excellent responsive application that has the capability to make thousands of calculations and provide quick and accurate responses along with daily updates and the automatic deletion of older entries. Users have the freedom to subscribe to different analysis statistics including forex, fundamental, Indices, Candlestick, and Trading signals. BIZSOL Tech has made sure that this economic application has all the necessary features and is quick enough to fulfill the requirements of the users.
Flexi Analysis android app is a native app. It is the mobile version of its main web application named Flexi Analysis provided at this web address

It helps the users to find their daily subscribed analysis on their mobile devices. A user is able to see the analysis offline up to a specified day’s record.

Flexi Analysis Mobile Application