Show Off Your Products with Shopping Ads

Do you want to connect your E-Store (Shopify, Magento, WordPress, smartstore and nopcommerce, etc.) with Google Merchant Center (GMC)?

Shopping Ads can generate more Sales and Revenue. It (GSA) is powered by two platforms- AdWords and Merchant Center. GMC is where your product feed lives.

  • Setup Shopping Campaign
  • Connect Your E-Store to GMC
  • Create Manual Feed
  • GMC Setting
  • Product Data Feed Optimization
  • AdWords Product Listing
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Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center is an online platform. Retailers can upload product details on Google Merchant Center, so that they can appear within Google search results.
GMC isn’t an online store where you’re selling products. Instead, it’s a listing service. It can help shoppers find the products that you’re selling on your website or in an online marketplace. By adding product data to the Google Merchant Center, you’ll attract potential customers who are looking for the products you have.
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Products added to Google Merchant Center can be used in two ways

Free Product Listings

Free product listings are displayed in the Google search window, the Shopping tab, or the Images tab.

Paid Product Listings

Paid product listings are displayed throughout the Google ecosystem, and a Google Shopping campaign gives you a range of tools to advertise your products.

Other Google services You Can Access Through Google Merchant Center

The Google Merchant Center is used for your product feed, but it’s not a standalone app. Instead, you can link it to other Google services, as well as tech platforms outside of Google. Through these integrations and linked services, you’ll be able to optimize your digital infrastructure and streamline operations.

Google My Business

This overview hub for your company lets you set your location, contact information, hours, link to a website, and business description. Registering your business gives you control over the information Google displays, and your company profile can be displayed as a sidebar alongside search results or within Maps.

Google Ads

Formerly called Google AdWords, this is a paid advertising platform that you can use for different types of paid display across Google’s brands. By linking Google Ads to your Google Merchant Center account, you’ll be able to use your product listings in your advertising campaigns.

Google Analytics

This reporting tool can help you better understand online activity. There are performance reporting tools available within the Merchant Center. But Google Analytics can provide additional reports on product traffic including organic and paid results.

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