Ad Scheduling

When scheduling your ads, you can not only control what dates Facebook show your ads, but also what times.

If you have a lifetime budget, you can schedule your ad to run on a specific day and at a specific time. When you schedule your ad set, your ad set must run for at least one hour.

Facebook ad scheduling allows you to only spend your budget during the times your audience take an action.

Facebook advertisement planning, or dayparting, is a Facebook promotion booking highlight that permits you to pick the days and the time periods to run your promotion.

Facebook promotion planning will diminish your expense per-buy since you will not be enjoying your financial plan during times with a significant expense for every buy.
Your ad will be eligible to start running after we review it against Facebook Advertising Policies. This review process typically takes up to 24 hours, although sometimes it might take longer. If you’ve scheduled your ad to start running immediately, it will start running once it’s been reviewed.
Facebook don’t deliver your ads outside of the schedule that you set. However, it’s possible that a small number of people could see them outside your schedule. Facebook can control when they deliver ads, but not when people actually see them.
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Advertisers who’s transformations aren’t totally self-serve (like an ecommerce buy) can likewise see an advantage from Facebook ad scheduling. For instance, B2B organizations who run ads to get leads that they need to contact could profit from possibly getting leads when they have staff ready to promptly call the lead. In spite of the fact that Facebook ad scheduling might possibly assist with your expense per-lead, it could assist with further developing the transformation pace of interfacing with those leads and consequently diminish the expense per-meeting.

Brick-and-mortar organizations that are open just during specific hours could likewise profit from Facebook ad scheduling, as could organizations that hold live occasions.

Best Days and Times to Run Facebook Ads.

The most effective way to decide when to schedule Facebook ads for you is to take a gander at your ad set or campaign and breakdown execution by time. From that point, you can see when the vast majority of the activity happens and you can make your schedule to test.
Sales-wise, the most noteworthy procuring day of the week for ecommerce stores is Monday, while the end of the week brings the least sales.
Sales likewise appear to increment toward the start and the month’s end, a phenomenon called the paycheck effect.

Check if Facebook Ad Scheduling Works Better Than Running Ads 24/7.

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You’re presently running ads every minute of every day and you need to test whether your performance will improve by executing Facebook ad scheduling.

The most effective way to quantify this is to take an ad set or campaign you need to test and execute your schedule. Observe the day you made the switch. Contingent upon your volume, you should run the scheduling test for at minimum seven days to about fourteen days.

Then, at that point, analyze the period of time of the test to similar number of days preceding the test. Analyze the cost-per-conversion, yet additionally the absolute number of conversions.

Assuming that you’re getting similar number of conversions (or more) however at a lower cost, then, at that point, certainly continue to run your Facebook ads on a schedule and ponder carrying out it in more ad sets and campaigns.

On the off chance that you’re getting less conversions and at a greater expense, quickly switch back to running your ads day in and day out. Assuming you’re getting a lower cost-per-conversion however less conversions, or a greater expense per-conversion, yet more conversions, you should do the business investigation yourself whether it’s worth the effort.

Facebook Ad Scheduling Best Practices

Page and Audience Insights

You can't expect Facebook ad scheduling to function admirably except if it's lined up with the schedules of your audiences. Insights from your Facebook business page will assist with deciding your audience's regular schedule. At the highest point of your Facebook business page, select "Insights." Then, pick "Posts" from the left-hand menu, and select the "When Your Fans Are Online" tab. This will show you what days and times your audience is generally dynamic. Contingent upon what you gain from your page and audience insights, you could set various schedules for various Facebook ad placements.

Broaden Your Schedule

Restricting your ad schedule to when your ideal interest group is dynamic is cost-effective and builds reach; however you ought to be careful about making a schedule that is excessively prohibitive. Open up your schedule to different potential times when your audience may be online, rather than simply scheduling during the a couple of busy times during the week. Broadening your schedule can likewise assist with keeping ad costs down in the event that your audience is essentially online during top hours. Schedule your ads to run during some off-hours also, and you'll probably diminish per-ad costs and increment the range of your ad.

Monitor & Adjust Scheduling

Regardless of who your audience is, their dynamic times are likely to change. To check whether your schedule should be adjusted, monitor your ad performance through the "Ads" segment of your Ads Manager dashboard. It will show you a progression of key measurements, including cost per result, reach, frequency, and sum spent up to this point. On the off chance that you notice your ad results are dropping, the initial step is to re-verify your page insights and check whether the circumstances are different for when your audience is online. Page insights will provide you with the most point-by point thought of the amount you really want to adjust your Facebook ad scheduling, as shrouded in the primary segment.


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